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Underwriting is all about analyzing and assessing risk. The underwriting process can be lengthy and complicated, but we make it easy using our propriety modeling system. We have 30+ years of combined experience guiding clients through the maze of health and welfare underwriting.

Optimizing Group Health Plans

Underwriting Insights: A Winning Strategy

Underwriting Insights
  • Underwriting Strategy
  • Digital Data Gathering
  • Senior Underwriting Goals
Turning data into intelligent knowledge is critical to achieving the best results. Our process includes consulting with our clients on the best-in-class data integrations, providing a digital guide to the underwriting process, and a detailed list of all the key information necessary to guide clients to the best outcome. This step also includes our exclusive “Allied Underwriting Insights” discovery process to enable everyone involved to be heard, to share desired goals, and to enable our senior underwriters and actuaries to begin assembling the systems and models to position the case for success.
Integration & Modeling
  • Secure data transfer and storage
  • Data loading to actuarial platforms
  • Case review with your team
Clients are enabled with access to our secure portal and case files are established for each client and group case. Data for each case is assigned to a lead underwriter and loaded into our actuarial systems for modeling. We utilize distinct actuarial modeling systems, each designed specifically for various case needs and applications based upon the desired goals of each client. An underwriting insights case review is held with your team to gather final information and assure success.
Plan Optimization & Projections
  • Calculate expected claim levels from all key players’ perspectives
  • Display the increments and decrements associated with any change to any group size
  • Calculate cost reduction strategies to groups including reference-based pricing
  • Probability of beating fully-insured
  • Probability of experiencing an aggregate claim
  • Capital at Risk – budgeting for a bad year
  • Performance horizon (1/3/5 years)
  • Probability of scenarios out-performing base case
  • Apply a consistent and actuarially-sound methodology to the groups’ claims experience
  • Predict participant enrollment based on past behavior and plan options
  • Build precise budget rates based on claims experience and forecasted enrollment
  • Normalize past claims and run simulations to create a true confidence interval
  • Create IBNR models
  • Export client-ready reports

Our team utilizes four unique actuarial platforms to assist you with a variety of needs. Our underwriting and actuarial tool helps develop the basis for “what is going on”, “why this is critical”, and “how to approach”. In addition, we can model a variety of plan changes and what-if scenarios. Clients want to know “should I be self-insured?” – we can answer this question and develop 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year projections with the likelihood of success. When the CFO needs to know the IBNR of the plan, our underwriters can utilize a variety of methods to illustrate the financial impact of claims run-out.

Brief & Consult
  • Develop a customized underwriting case analysis
  • Illustrate historical case comparisons
  • Build prospective projections and budgets
  • Provide an optimized recommendation and underwriters perspective
A professional case narrative for each case is developed and illustrated with an accompanying client export file from our actuarial models and systems. For clients who wish to have our underwriter join a call or online video session, we can serve as an extension of your team and provide the background, case cause-and-effect, and overall “so-what and now-what” as an expert to serve your benefit plan. For board meetings and executive briefings, we are happy to assist you with both materials as well as the expert advice to help your client be assured of the best decision and most optimized approach.

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