Health Analytics


Data Analytics is a broad field. It involves using complex processes and tools to help you understand how your business operates on a granular level. With access to industry-leading tools like Springbuk® and NavMD®, we provide a complete analytics suite to give you the upper hand.

The Process

A Quantum Leap Forward

Power Up Your Approach

We’ll give you access to powerful data warehouses and show you how to make them work for your firm

Optimize Team structure

We’ll help you figure out how your team will implement and use your new analytics to drive sales

Develop communications

Learn how to talk about your data in a way that will make the biggest impact, increasing team awareness and sales

Powered by the cloud

Access your integrated dashboards on the go with mobile-friendly solutions powered by cloud technology

Examine your process

Look for existing opportunities to use your data, streamline your methods, and improve your processes

Connect the pieces

Align team members in the best possible way to maximize productivity and innovation

Build dynamic visuals. Engage clients to dig deeper.

Our health intelligence platforms enable you to see every group, claim, and coverage gap with unprecedented detail. 

Leverage this new power to give your clients a compelling reason to rely on your expertise with comprehensive forecasts, flexible filters, and advanced metrics.

Automated strategies and advanced trend exploration

Identify unexpected cost sources and forecast their impact on the business. Deliver Plans and Programs effectively with scenario-modeling applications designed to create effective comparisons and save you time.

  • Measure Population Health
  • Track and Compare Populations
  • Explore Coverage Gaps and Opportunities
  • Visualize and Assess Your Risk and Claims
  • Simplify your Data-Driven Decision Making