Market Research is used to test the viability of new products and services, discover targeted growth opportunities, analyze competitive landscapes, and make informed decisions on how to elevate a firm’s market presence and reputation to the benefit of the owners, employees, clients and communities it serves.

The Process

Discovering Where You Fit In

Pinpoint The REgion

Gather information about the geography to discover relevant demographics

Identify Target Consumer

Build a preferred buyer profile to indicate which employers and opportunities to seek out

List Client Attributes

Hone the scope of future engagements by focusing on specific client characteristics

Compile tools

Filter data and create a Targeted Account Strategy Plan (TASP) using a combination of cutting-edge tools

Centers of Influence

Discover the loudest voices in your market and brief them on your business to gain a foothold

Connect the pieces

Align team members in the best possible way to maximize productivity and innovation

Know where you are, decide where you’re going.

We’ll help you learn about your Market with analytics to reveal your competitors, ideal clients, regional population, key demographics, market size, and more. 

Using powerful tools like MiEdge, Best Places To Work, ZoomUSA, Hoovers, and more, we’ll help you choose the right filters and created a Targeted Account Strategy Plan to identify the best opportunities in each working group for your team.

Strategic Insights to help guide the way

Objective Management Group studied 700,000 salespeople over 24 years and found that 74% of salespeople are failing. Deploying a system to help you visualize goals and results can make all the difference. We’ve got you covered.

Our prospecting and sales tracking tools will help you:

  • Increase accountability
  • Develop streamlined teams
  • Stay on track
  • Own your numbers
  • Develop the next steps